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Hops' Scrimshaw
The Home of "Elephant Friendly Scrimshaw"

Neat Links to some of our friends & Other Places.


For the most part, this page will always be "UNDER CONSTRUCTION."
We are always on the lookout for other Scrimshaw Artists whether they are a seasoned professional or a novice just getting started. We also intend to provide links to individuals and companies engaged in producing items
related to Scrimshaw, such as knife makers, gunsmithing, etc.

If you know of someone that might be interested in having a link to their
website here send us an e-mail at gotohops@msn.com and we'll send them
a request for a "Link Exchange."

We also have a "Guest Artist" section and we will always be on
the lookout for "individuals" who might want to showcase their work there.

Gary Williams (Garbo)
Check out Gary's website, you will truly be amazed at what you see there. His
work is almost photographic, trust me, you won't regret spending the time to
visit his site. Make sure you check out his "How I Do It" page.

Crystal Herbert
Crystal does some really fine work on pool ques as well as on very nice
pen & pencil sets, if you've ever tried to do Scrimshaw on a curved surface
you'll know it's difficult and requires a lot of concentration to keep even pressure
on your scribe or cutting tool, it looks like Crystal has mastered that.

Sandra Brady
Sandra is a very talented Scrimshaw artist, one of our best. She is very
versatile, working on a wide array of products, including, jewelry, knife handles,
gun grips, pool ques and more
. She has DVD's available for beginning Scrimshaw
Artists as well as for advanced Scrimshanders. She offers one-on-one classes in
her studio by the day or by the week. Check out her website for much of what
she has to offer.

Boone Trading Company
David Boone has been providing all sorts of ivory and ivory products to
Scrimshanders since the late 80's, unfortunately, if Obama's executive
order is allowed to become law, Boone Trading will cease to exist. For
more information on the proposed laws and information on how you
can help

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